The Gender Critical Action Center is a weekly international call-to-action website to be used by anyone who is critical of, or questions, “gender identity” ideology. Whether you are a concerned parent, a gender critical radical feminist, a concerned doctor or other professional, or a political conservative or other who is concerned about the privacy of women and children, this action center is for you.

The purpose is to organize our collective efforts to push back on the growing efforts to redefine sex to mean “gender identity” in laws, schools and universities, private settings, events, language, crime reporting, incarceration, journalism, etc. The organizers of the Gender Critical Action Center maintain that human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals, that women are female, that men are male, and that there is a small percentage of the human population that are intersex. We maintain that “gender identity” ideology undermines free speech, denies biological reality and when legislated into law violates the human rights of women and girls. “Gender Identity” is an amorphous ideology with no stable or coherent narrative. Changing laws to override biology with “gender identity,” an idea that is hyper-individualistic and constantly morphs, cannot serve society and will only sow chaos. In addition, “gender identity” ideology coopts and undermines the legitimate language of other movements and groups, such as the 400-year-old struggle for civil rights for African Americans and the interests of intersex people to maintain health and privacy.

This website is an effort to coordinate our concerns into effective action focused on specific targets. A deluge of emails, letters and phone calls in one week is far more effective than sporadic complaints. This effort is being carried by a large group of individuals across the political spectrum who will evaluate the most important actions to be posted on a weekly basis. To maximize our effectiveness, there will be one action per week.

To make it as simple as possible for users, we will provide a description of the issue, contact information and what action(s) to take, including suggested scripts for letters and phone calls and links to any relevant petitions. We will also provide links to webpages that provide more information for those that want that. We will make every action as easy as possible.

Anyone who wishes to participate can go to this centralized spot once a week to see which actions are being prioritized. In this way we can maximize our efforts by focusing on the same action during a given time period.

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To protect our safety, we are remaining anonymous, but you can contact us here if you want to offer constructive suggestions.