ACTION: Address the Political Left Mainstream Media and Demand Their Coverage of the Trans Lobby and Tech Giant’s Censoring of “Gender Identity” Ideology Critiques

The Issue:

All across the US and Europe, people are being censored for wrong-speak, as it relates to any critique of “gender identity” ideology and transgenderism.  Mainstream media on the political left in the US refuses to cover this dangerous precedent being set.

What You Can Do:

Continually tweet, retweet and post to your other social media, the names of those being censored by the Trans Lobby to the political left media with the hashtag #AddressTransCensorship (see short list below, please add your own).


Left Media, address the dangerous and relentless censorship by the trans lobby of:

Meghan Murphy, Feminist, Journalist
Peter Vlaming, Teacher
Camille Paglia, Feminist Scholar and Professor
David Yager, University President
Julie Bindel, Feminist, Journalist
Derrick Jensen, Author, Environmental Activist
Kate Smurthwaite, Comedian
Sheila Jeffreys, Feminist Scholar, Professor, Author
Alice Dreger, Author, Historian, Bioethicist
Posie Parker, Women’s Rights Advocate
Jennifer Bilek, Women’s Rights Advocate, Journalist
Thistle Pettersen, Women’s Rights Advocate, Musician
Nina Paley, Women’s Rights Advocate, Speaker
Linda Bellos, Feminist, Speaker
Jordan Peterson, Professor
Jeremy Clarkson, “Top Gear” host
Graham Linehan, Writer, Director
Tasha Rose, Parent, Children’s Advocate
Martina Navratilova, Tennis Olympian



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