ACTION: Call Out the Trans Agenda War on Women’s Gains

The Issue: “Gender Identity” is a War on Women’s Gains

Both the Right and the Left have a long-standing history of trying to remove and censor women in society and politics. The ante is ramping up now with the trans agenda and “gender identity” as the new weapon for waging war on women’s gains.

“Gender Identity” ideology is the most recent face of denying women a voice and it is well funded by the transgender lobby fronting for the medical industrial complex.

This war is perhaps most blatantly visible in women’s sports. Athlete Ally (funded by the trans lobby/medical industrial complex) removed Martina Navratilova from their Advisory Board for saying that it is unfair and cheating for trans-identified males to compete in women’s sports. Navratilova – a lesbian who was herself the target of homophobia and who has been an avid advocate of gay rights for decades and whose personal trainer, Renee Richards, identifies as “trans gender,” is now vilified as a “transphobic” bigot. If she can be accused as such, then anyone can.

Another world-class female athlete, Olympic champion swimmer Sharron Davies, has been viciously attacked by male transactivists who have called her a ‘gay-trans hater’ and ‘bitch’ and accused her of advocating incest and rape because she declared that “binary sex matters.”

Women’s gains are attacked to the core by “gender identity” which erases the biological reality of women. Women as a sex class, not an “identity class”, is the basis by which women have fought and gained their rights. To replace sex with “gender identity” is the weapon to erode and erase those gains.

Do not be silenced. Speak out!

What You Can Do:

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