ACTION: Completely opt out of gender ideology and let the media know you are doing so.

The Issue:

Within a very short period of time, “gender identity” ideology seems to have infiltrated all aspects of both popular and civic culture.

The rich white men who crafted this ideology for their profit and introduced it into the popular psyche used the momentum of an existing social justice movement—the decades-long struggle for LGB rights—as a vehicle. Homosexuality and bisexuality, the LGB in LGBTQ+, are sexual orientations rooted in biological desire. “Transgenderism” and “queer,” which are not rooted in sex or biology, or in material reality at all, have recently been added to the LGB civil rights banner. Gender ideology reinforces traditional sex stereotypes, which are rooted in the domination-submission power relations of male supremacy. When applied to children, this ends up being both conversion therapy and a eugenics program for kids who are likely to grow up gay. It plays upon the very real terror experienced by many LGB people of ostracism from family and community and attaches it to the fabricated identity of “transgenderism,” along with attendant bogus and widely publicized statistics claiming that “trans” individuals are the most marginalized and oppressed group in society. More and more corporations are now not only openly marketing to LGB but are also promoting “transgenderism”—a medical, technological lifestyle—as perfectly normal and healthy and something to celebrate. Banks, investment houses, and corporations selling everything from soda to genital prosthetics for young children are flooding the market with promotional materials that support body dissociation. With June, Pride month, fresh in our memories, it is clear that it has become a celebration of trans-affirming capitalism. Because this is a capitalist project—a project that profits the pharmaceutical corporations.

What You Can Do:

At this point, resistance to the entirety of gender identity ideology is imperative. Share our posts on Twitter and FB and share on your other social media platforms. Contact the media and demand they present your views. We cannot allow the definition of what it means to be human to be changed without opening the door for new technological lifestyles to be invited in.



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