ACTION: Contact this Democratic NYC Council Member to Voice Your Support for His NO Vote for a “Third Gender Category” on Birth Certificates

The Issue

This NYC Democrat voted no on a bill to allow New Yorkers to select a “third gender category” on their birth certificates. “Gender identity” ideology is not grounded in material reality. It is a belief system adopted by some, similar to a religion, but need not be accepted as fact. Humans are sexually dimorphic mammals. This statement is neither conservative nor bigoted. It is simply an assertion that is grounded in material reality. Allowing people to choose their “gender category” has profound and long-term public policy implications that have not been considered, such as research on crime statistics and public health.

This NYC Councilmember took a risk in taking a stand. He deserves to hear from you.

What You Can Do

Email Robert Holden to express your support for his no vote. Copy media outlets and Democratic organizations (Script below.)

Email Script

Dear Councilmember Holden,

Thank you so much for voting “no” on the NYC bill to allow New Yorkers to select a “third gender category” on their birth certificates. You are absolutely right in your statement that “Just having anyone – without going through a doctor – say they’re another gender or X; that could lead to abuse and all sorts of problems. We need more oversight.”

Sex is a vital statistic; “gender” and “gender identity” are not. New York City has many legitimate interests in recording and maintaining accurate information about its residents’ sex, for purposes of identification, tracking crimes, determining eligibility for sex-specific programs or benefits, and determining admission to sex-specific spaces, to name just a few examples. In contrast, there is no legitimate governmental interest in recording a person’s subjective “identity” or giving that identity legal significance in lieu of sex.

Sex and “gender” are distinct concepts. Sex refers to the two reproductive classes found in the human species: a woman is an adult human female, i.e., an individual with XX chromosomes and predominantly female anatomy; a man is an adult human male i.e., an individual with XY chromosomes and predominantly male anatomy. Sex is recorded at birth by qualified medical professionals, and it is an exceedingly accurate categorization: an infant’s sex is easily identifiable based on external genitalia and other factors in 99.982% of all cases; the miniscule fraction of individuals who have “intersex” characteristics remain either male or female, or are difficult to characterize but do not constitute a third reproductive class.

In stark contrast to sex, “gender” and “gender identity” refer to nothing more than the degree to which one embraces or rejects stereotypical roles, personality traits, and clothing choices that are socially imposed on men and women—superficial stereotypes that are in constant flux according to changing social forces and trends. These sorts of things have nothing to do with the biological state of one’s sex. While some individuals may claim to feel or possess an “identity” that differs from their sex, such feelings have no bearing whatsoever on the person’s vital characteristics.

I am particularly concerned that the bill will skew or even make unusable crime statistics that are crucial in the fight to stop violence against women and girls, or will help individual violent men to evade law enforcement efforts at apprehending them. These concerns are well-supported by the facts. As demonstrated consistently by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting system and similar state systems, women face a dramatically disproportionate statistical risk of violence, rape, assault, or voyeurism, and in the vast majority of cases women suffer these harms at the hands of men. For crimes reported by law enforcement to the FBI in 2015, men committed over 88% of all murders, 97% of rapes, 77% of aggravated assaults, and 92% of sex offenses other than rape or prostitution. Allowing the sex designation on birth certificates to become a free-for-all will skew basic crime statistics traditionally recorded and analyzed according to sex. Males who commit violent crimes against women should not be permitted to obscure their sex by simply “identifying as non-binary.” This will also cause census statistics to be skewed.

Again, thank you for your no vote. You are likely to get a lot of back-lash from “gender identity” activists in the city and I appreciate you for taking a stand.



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