ACTION: Demand Media Investigate & Report on Men Displacing Women in Domestic Violence and Homeless Shelters

The Issue

Prior White House Administration guidelines require the inclusion of transgender-identified males in federally-funded shelters established for the safety and security of women who are homeless or are fleeing violent homes. Shelters for vulnerable women, and their children, are notoriously in short supply, nearly half those in need are turned away. Mandating that males must be accommodated upon their personal demand displaces women, leaving them with fewer options for escaping exploitation and violence. Further, women who do not practice obvious femininity can be challenged for admission and forced onto the streets or into men’s shelters, compounding their risk. HUD has been made aware of this problem in the past and has done NOTHING to remedy it to date.

What You Can Do

Email media, copying responsible agencies and political agents, demanding they investigate and cover this displacement and its negative impact on social structure and human rights. (Script below.)

Email Script

Dear Media,

Over the past 4-6 years, sex-based law and policy and sex-segregated protections have been eroded by White House policy, agency guidelines and caveats to federal funding. At particular risk is temporary and subsidized housing for victims of sex-based violence. Specifically, men are able to self-identify as women and gain access to limited resources set aside to safeguard women, and their children, from male violence and exploitation. HUD was made aware of this problem in May of 2017 and has done nothing to remedy it.

As a journalist you are ethically responsible to investigate and report on this violation of  women’s rights to privacy, dignity, and freedom from violence. The violence in what are supposed to be protective shelters and other safe spaces for women is real. For a specific incident of violence by a trans-identified male in a women’s shelter go here.

The video “Women, Decide for Yourselves” documents numerous incidents of violence committed against women by trans-identified males, as does this online list.

You need to expose policies and guidelines implemented by Department of Justice, Housing and Urban Development, and Department of Labor OSHA to circumvent sex-segregated protections.  Women and girls are being abused and subjected to sexual exploitation by our own government through systemic withdrawal of privacy, dignity and security. This must stop and you have an obligation to report on this degradation of social fabric and its resulting normalization of sexual exploitation of women and girls.

It is critical, in light of upcoming expiration of the Violence Against Women Act, that attempts to circumvent public will and the human rights of women be exposed, and censured. Without an open press, we cannot have a democratic society with open, transparent governance.




Email the media:, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Copy political actors:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

SECONDARY ACTIONS:  Contact Your Elected Officials and HUD Oversight Officials

Elected officials listen to their constituents because they want to be re-elected! Here’s how you can leverage your power as a constituent:

mailing address and phone number via online look-up tool

Use this brief message:  I am concerned that Federal departments and agencies are placing women and children at risk.  Please ensure the Violence Against Women Act is re-authorized and specifies that services and facilities for adults and older teens must be segregated by birth sex, and not by subjective, internal feelings of “gender identity.”

Copy, Paste, Print & Mail the message in a letter to your elected officials.

Call your elected officials’ offices and tell them the same message.

Sign this Petition to HUD

Tweet the Chair of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs @MikeCrapo

Tweet the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development @SecretaryCarson