ACTION: Demand Media Report on the Inevitable Harms to Women by Making “Gender Identity” Ideology Law

The Issue:

Women’s businesses are being shut down for refusing to wax male genitalia.

A Human Rights Tribunal was held in Canada this month to hear the case of Jessica (formerly Jonathan) Yaniv, who had filed a human rights complaint against 16 female estheticians for refusing to bikini wax Yaniv’s testicles. The media has, for the most part, remained silent during this tribunal and remains silent regarding the result – more than one woman’s business has been shut down on the argument that refusing to wax a man’s testicles constitutes discrimination on the basis of “gender identity.”

In addition, two women have been permanently banned from Twitter, one for actively tweeting about the case, another for naming Yaniv as the complainant.

This is just the beginning of the harm that is coming to women in the name of “gender identity” ideology.

What you can do:

Speak out now! Demand that the media cover these affronts to women!

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Demand the media cover this case and other instances of the inevitable harm to women of enshrining “gender identity” ideology in law.

Tell Mitch McConnell not to bring the “Equality Act” to a floor vote in the U.S. Senate.


Stop this affront to women. Refusing to wax testicles is not a human rights violation. Report on this now!



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