ACTION: Demand that U.S. Media Investigate and Report on Homophobia Inherent in “Gender Identity” Ideology and Politics

The Issue

Factions within the “LGBTQ+” community are denouncing Gay and Lesbian individuals for acknowledging that their sexual and romantic attractions are based on sexed bodies, not socially constructed “gender identities.”

This is a growing global attack on the sovereignty of homosexual people not only to set and establish boundaries around sexuality, but also to gather as a defined class and organize to eliminate discrimination and political disenfranchisement.

This is a global trend. Homosexual people are being vilified by the “LGBTQ+” community for having same-sex attraction and demanding the sanctity of same-sex attraction be respected. The U.S. media has ignored this, and their silence is enabling and promoting discrimination, harassment and violence against a vulnerable minority.

What You Can Do

Email members of the U.S. media and demand that they report on these homophobic occurrences and condemn the mischaracterization of Lesbian and Gay sexuality as bigotry (script and contact info below).

Email Script

Dear members of U.S.-based media,

Factions within the “LGBTQ+” community are denouncing Lesbian and Gay individuals for acknowledging that their sexual and romantic attractions are based on sexed bodies rather than socially constructed “gender identities.”

An escalating global attack is being perpetrated against the sovereignty of homosexual people to define their sexuality and thus gather as a defined class to organize to protect their civil rights and to eliminate discrimination and political disenfranchisement. Gay men in the U.K. are starting to speak up about how “gender identity” obliterates sex and same-sex attraction as legally protected categories.

Homosexual people are being harassed, threatened, and violently attacked within their own communities at PRIDE events across the globe. Media is not reporting these occurrences and their silence is contributing to growing incidents of homophobic threats, intimidation and physical violence.

Auckland, New Zealand – Condemnation from transactivists and weeks of social media harassment have been perpetrated against homosexuals and allies carrying banners proclaiming “Protect Lesbian Youth.”

San Francisco, USA – A public library hosted an art exhibit and artist presentation in support of men attacking homosexuals with baseball bats and axes. At Dyke March, lesbian participants (including a mobility-impaired woman) were harassed , verbally threatened, physically intimidated and subjected to multiple instances of battering. They were mobbed by other attendees for posters reading “Lesbian Not Queer” and “Biology is not Bigotry” and required police intervention to progress to the end of the March. Dyke March organizers condemned the Lesbians for attending the event.

Baltimore, USA – Pre-PRIDE Dance Party promotional material stated that women who exclude men from their sexual attraction, their safe spaces or their social category, would be “hung by their necks”. Despite significant social media outcry, no U.S. press covered this flagrant threat to Lesbians. Homosexuals with signs reading “Dykes Don’t Like Dick,” “Woman is Not a Feeling,” and “Lesbian Not Queer” marched immediately behind the Mayor and her police guard in the PRIDE Parade. They were subsequently harassed and condemned after PRIDE by gay online news, social media, and local “LGBTQ+” activists for ‘hiding behind the police’. Activists reproached the Mayor for sheltering these women.

London, England – PRIDE event organizers condemned Lesbians for marching with signs reading “Lesbian = Female Homosexual” and “Lesbian Not Queer”. In order to participate in the PRIDE Parade, the women jumped in the front of the Rainbow Flag, and lay on the road until event organizers allowed them to march with their signs. The London Mayor, various “LGBTQ+” non-profits, and multiple on-line media companies have all condemned these women for being Lesbians. The Lesbian Rights Alliance has published commentary supporting the rights of lesbians.

Why are you, the U.S. media, ignoring the escalating violence against Lesbians and Gays?

Why are you not reporting the voiced concerns of Lesbian/Gay people that this violence intends to silence?

Ethical journalism requires that you investigate and report on this erosion of Lesbian and Gay civil rights. Your silence is enabling and promoting discrimination, harassment and violence against a vulnerable minority.

It is time for the U.S. media to address the inherent homophobia within the policies and practices of “gender identity” ideology and politics. Given that the majority of children who are observed as gender non-conforming have been proven to grow up to be healthy homosexual adults, childhood gender transition effectively functions as medicalized conversion therapy for would-be Gay and Lesbian adults.

“Gender identity” ideology practices, policies and legislation function as homosexual eugenics. U.S. media has an ethical responsibility to investigate and inform the public of this anti-homosexual agenda.



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