ACTION: Demand that U.S. Media Report on Ongoing Erosion of Freedom of Speech

The Issue

Free speech is being eroded by “gender identity” ideology’s re-definition of words, and bullying and censorship to coerce citizens to conform to those new definitions. This is taking place in the psychology and medical professions, schools and universities, legislation, and even the courts.

Where is the investigative reporting on this erosion of people’s free speech rights?

What You Can Do

Email members of the U.S. media and demand that they report on these erosions of free speech and their consequences. (script and contact info below).

Email Script

Dear members of U.S.-based media,

Free speech is being eroded by “gender identity” ideology’s re-definition of words and its subsequent censorship of citizens who do not conform to those new definitions. Censoring of free speech is taking place in the psychology and medical professions, schools and universities, legislation, society at large and even in the courts. (See examples below.)

Where is the investigative reporting on this erosion of the people’s free speech rights?

Words de-coupled from material reality become meaningless (e.g., “a woman is anyone who ‘identifies’ as one” or “the penis is a female organ, a ladystick”) but however meaningless they may be, the legal, personal and public ramifications are pervasive and harmful. “Gender identity” is replacing “sex” as a legal category and those who do not conform, who dare to adhere to the factual definitions of female/male/woman/man are targeted, censored and de-platformed; reputations and careers are ruined; livelihoods are destroyed.

Why are you not reporting critically on this attack on our fundamental democratic right to freedom of speech?

Fines Levied Against Free Speech

Professor of Law at UCLA, Eugene Volokh, delineates the free speech violation inherent in the New York City Commission on Human Rights requirement that citizens use the “preferred pronouns” or potentially be fined up to $250,000: “So people can basically force us — on pain of massive legal liability — to say what they want us to say, whether or not we want to endorse the political message associated with that term, and whether or not we think it’s a lie.”

Judge Forbids Definition of “Sex” in Court

Especially shocking and what should be a warning bell to all is the silencing of free speech within a US Court of Appeals: “According to multiple reports, just four minutes into the plaintiff attorney’s oral argument, U.S. Circuit Judge Theodore McKee forbade him to define the words “sex” and “opposite sex,” undermining…[his] ability to adequately defend his clients’ cause on reasonable grounds.”

Censorship of Professionals

The right of psychologists and medical professionals to verbally implement their training and ethical responsibility to help their clients is being violated. They must instantly “affirm” a child’s self-diagnosis as trans (sometimes as young as three years old) and are forbidden to inquire into possible co-morbid factors or causes on penalty of losing their job. Where is the investigative reporting on the harm done to these professionals and their patients who turn to them for guidance?

Loss of Venues to Exercise Freedom of Speech

The civil rights particularly of women are violated. Women cannot gather for events nor organize politically without the presence of males (who “identify” as a woman). Venues supporting women-only gatherings are threatened with violence and subsequently withdraw use of their venue. The women themselves are also accused of ‘hate speech’ and/or targeted for violence and their right of freedom of speech curtailed.

Silencing of Women and Girls

Women and young girls cannot legally object to the presence of naked male-bodied adults (who “identify” as a woman) in public spas, dressing rooms, locker rooms and showers.

Forced Speech for University Professors and Students

A new policy being considered at the University of Minnesota would punish professors and students with disciplinary action, including termination or expulsion, should they exercise their right to free speech by not using the “preferred pronouns” of students.

Erosion of Language Used To Describe Human Bodies

The Human Rights Campaign is encouraging people to change the way they describe bodies by using such words as “front hole” (“internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina”); “strapless” (“sometimes referred to as a penis”); and “vagina” (“the genitals of transwomen who have had bottom surgery”).

These redefinitions are ridiculous, and requiring people to use them is dangerous. Yet the media is not reporting on these developments. I demand that you do so immediately. Our freedom of speech is at stake and as a journalist, you should care about that.



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