ACTION: Demand the Guardian and Other Media Outlets Report on How “Gender Identity” Ideology is Gay Conversion Therapy

The Issue

Most media outlets report on the harm of gay conversion therapy, including this recent piece in The Guardian, but are silent on the inherent gay conversion therapy that “gender identity” ideology presents. The media has an ethical obligation to report on this aspect of “gender identity” activism and its real and present harm to gay and lesbian people.

Where is the media in reporting on this new version of gay conversion therapy?

What You Can Do

Email The Guardian and other members of the media and demand that they publish on this new version of gay conversion therapy. (Script and contact info below).

Script for Tip

Dear Editor at The Guardian,

On August 8th 2018 you reported a global epidemic of LGBT conversion therapy and made no mention of the real and present harm being done to gender non-conforming children and teens by “gender identity” ideology itself.  The vast majority of children and teens presenting at gender clinics would, if not interfered with, grow up to be gay or lesbian.

At 4th Wave Now, a website for parents, professionals and others concerned about the harms being done to children by “gender identity” ideology substantiates that the majority of “persisting” trans kids are same-sex attracted.  “It is not a stretch to see that prepubescent sterilization of “trans kids” amounts, in many cases, to a form of gay eugenics. It establishes that “many of the kids labeled ‘transgender’ would—if left alone—grow up to be lesbian or gay.” This observation has been made by many parents, and sometimes by their children who desisted or detransitioned, whose stories are gathered on the website. Developmental Psychology published an important article last year (Li, Kung, and Hines 2017) substantiating these claims.

The painful reality of gay conversion via transgenderism is evident in the stories of de-transitioners. These stories and the stories of their anguished parents can also be found at — “Parents questioning the trans narrative.” These parents are being silenced by the powerful “gender identity” lobby.

The media has an ethical obligation to report on this aspect of “gender identity” ideology and its real and present harm to children and teens, especially teen girls who are presenting in record numbers to gender clinics. To refuse to report on this is to be complicit in the harms inflicted by ‘gender identity’ gay conversion therapy.




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