ACTION: Demand the Media Report on Epidemic of Young Lesbians Being Damaged by “Gender Identity” Ideology

The Issue

There is currently an epidemic of young lesbians being encouraged by “gender identity” ideology to “identify as men.” This is misogynistic, homophobic, and a complete denial of biological reality. These women (many of them teenagers) are ordering cross sex hormones and breast binders on the internet and choosing to have double mastectomies, to the shock and horror of their parents, following a cultural tide where “transitioning” is seen as cool and progressive.

What You Can Do

Email media contacts about the harm being done to young lesbians by so-called “gender identity” ideology. Tweet people. Send this message to Andrea Mitchell. (All necessary information provided below.)

Email Script

Dear media outlets,

As journalists, I think it’s important for you to be aware of the harm to young lesbians being encouraged by our current political climate and by so-called “gender identity” ideology. This ideology, which is being rapidly institutionalized, is posing as progressive and being capitalized on by myriad corporations that frame body dissociation as self-empowerment. This is actually a new form of homophobia, which has a particular impact on young lesbians.

Lesbians are the most invisible and least accepted women in male supremacist societies. Many men find lesbians sexually appealing and watch lesbian pornography because the boundary-crossing excites them. Lesbians’ existence is a tremendous threat to male supremacy – women who deliberately and visibly reject men as sexual, romantic, or life partners set an example for other women, including heterosexual women. So-called “gender identity” ideology encourages young lesbians today to both hate themselves and to perceive of themselves as bigots if they are not attracted to men who “identify as lesbians.”

No one in the US media is examining why there is a rise in young lesbians “identifying as men,” why the rise in breast binding and removal of healthy breast tissue among young women has become so prevalent, or why many major universities are suddenly providing these women with dangerous hormones and insurance to cover medical procedures that will entail their lifelong attachment to the medical industrial complex.  No one is discussing the fact that the homophobic insistence that lesbians who won’t date so-called “transwomen,” who are male, is discriminatory.

Young women need healthy role models, not the institutionalization and commoditization of  prejudice that perpetuates lesbian and female body hatred. I am counting on you to get the word out. I urge you to investigate these important issues.




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