Action: Educate the Mainstream: Grassroots Canvassing in Your Neighborhoods

The Issue:

The trans lobby and mainstream media are censoring any questioning or critique of “gender identity” ideology. This is a danger for

    1. children who are caught in a cult-like epidemic of confusion about their biological sex,
    2. women’s rights to privacy, safety and their own sports teams and
    3. everyone’s right to free speech.

Due to this censorship, much of it on the political left, many people remain uninformed.

The good news is there are cracks in the edifice. Average people, though apprehensive to say anything, are feeling like something is very wrong. You can inform them on what’s wrong and encourage them to speak out.

What You Can Do:

Take grassroots action: canvass your neighborhood, using the flyer (PDF) provided below. Direct, local action is the surest, quickest and most effective way to educate people and galvanize them to act and speak up. The media isn’t doing it, so who will? Get people talking to each other again. The most important step is to begin.


Click on the PDF link and make as many copies of the flyer as you have time to distribute, even if it’s only 20. Grab a friend or relative and start canvassing your neighborhood. You can go in the daytime, knock on doors, hand people a flyer and see if they will speak to you (have an introduction ready) and hand them a flyer. Or, go at night and tape the flyer onto their mailbox. (It is illegal to put it inside the box.)