ACTION: Encourage the Media to Contact GCAC for Access to Gender Critical Speakers/Interviewees

The Issue

“Gender identity” ideology is being rapidly institutionalized because, in part, the majority of mainstream media neglects to research or report the factual information.

What You Can Do

Email media outlets (list below). Encourage them to contact GCAC for informed, knowledgeable interviewees. Hold the media accountable to seek and report the truth to the public.

Email Script

Dear Journalists,

An entity called the Gender Critical Action Center can provide experienced and informed professionals, writers, and speakers who can be interviewed on the full ramifications, including medical harms, of “gender identity” ideology and legislation.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • gender identity laws and policies
  • public schools
  • loss of parental rights
  • rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD)
  • pediatric medical transitioning
  • midwifery and female erasing language
  • censorship, de-platforming
  • erosion of freedom of speech
  • personal experiences of “trans widows”
  • homosexual erasure
  • radical feminist theory vs. “gender ideology” theory
  • violation of civil rights of women and girls
  • social media bullying, mobbing and harassment
  • alternative media covering the topics

I urge you to access this resource by contacting Pat Savage at

“Gender identity” ideology and legislation are swiftly reaching into every facet of life, but the vast majority of media disseminates only a simplistic, sensationalized one-sided view. The media grievously fails to meet the journalistic ethic to “seek the truth and report it … minimize harm … act independently … [and] be accountable and transparent.”

The full picture – medical and psychological harms, loss of parental rights, censorship, attacks on freedom of speech, the erasure of women and girls, and attacks on gay people, all perpetrated in the name of “gender identity” – is ignored.

Please step up to your responsibility to defy censorship, protect freedom of speech, and seek the truth and report it to the public.

Contact the Gender Critical Action Center for informed interviewees at