The Issue:

Joe Biden stated he will make “LGBTQI” issues a mainstay of his political campaign for presidency. In a recent video he bemoans the murder of trans women as if it were of epidemic proportions, yet he has not shed one tear for the violent global assault on women—87,000 women were murdered in 2017 alone. Nor has he shed a tear for the myriad health and financial crises of a large segment of the population. It is grievous when anyone is murdered but when a corporate controlled politician in a corporate controlled congress publicly weeps over a tiny percentage of people, one should follow the money.

Biden served as vice president under Obama, who it appears was in bed with the transgender lobby and was well compensated for holding the first ever meeting on transgenderism in the White House and passing far-reaching legislation to promote the cause of this miniscule part of the population.

Let Joe Biden know we see through his crocodile tears and his shilling for the powerful trans lobby arm of the medical industrial complex, the biggest lobbying entity in congress.

Children are being physically and psychologically harmed, women’s rights to privacy, safety and dignity are being violated and the people’s First Amendment right to free speech is being eroded for an ideology that serves the profits of corporate elites.

What You Can Do:

Retweet and re-post to @JoeBiden on social media. Tag media on the left who refuse to cover the truth about the global, corporate elite and/or Biden’s shilling for them.