ACTION: FEMALE ERASURE – 2 week campaign

The Issue

Globally, culturally and institutionally, females, and the language pertaining to female biological reality, are being erased by the transgender lobby and its political apparatus. Men ‘identifying’ as women are insinuating themselves into organizations that are meant to attend to and care for women’s biology, in order to change these institutions from within. Trans lobby funding promotes the unscientific, misogynistic and homophobic denial of biological sex.. Planned Parenthood, once a bastion for the care of female biology and reproductive care, is now erasing females through this process.

What You Can Do

Tweet and share on social media the tweets listed below with Planned Parenthood.

Tweet # 1
Planned Parenthood defines a disbelief in ‘gender identity’ which denies biological sex and thereby LGB sexual attraction, as transphobia. This is homophobic.

Tweet #2
In 2017 Planned Parenthood partnered with the trans lobby, entered the transgender market, & proceeded to institutionalize erasure of language for female biology.

Tweet #3
Meghan Stabler, a man who ‘identifies’ as a woman, was elected to the Planned Parenthood National Board of Directors in 2019. As a spokesperson for the trans lobby with powerful political connections he uses his influence & trans lobby funding to drive female erasure.


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