ACTION: Ongoing Campaign — Call the Presidential Candidates Out on the Harms of ‘Gender Identity’

The Issue:

The Democratic presidential candidates are either ignorant of or are willfully supporting the harms of this definition of ‘gender identity’ in the proposed Equality Act (EA): “The term ‘gender identity’ means the gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.” This definition replaces the material reality of “sex” as a legal category, with a self-declared feeling and sex stereotype. It erases women as a sex-based category; it mandates that any male, at any time, who says he is a woman must be given access to women’s sex-segregated spaces. It eradicates women’s bodily privacy in homeless shelters, prisons, and locker rooms/showers. It obliterates women’s sports teams and scholarships, and women’s right to gather or organize without the presence of males. It opens the door to sterilizing children and enables the government to remove them from their parents’ custody if they do not ‘affirm’ their child’s self-diagnosed ‘trans identity.’ And much more.

Democrats are leaving the party in droves. When will the candidates listen?

What You Can Do:

Saturate the Democratic presidential candidates. Over the next couple of weeks, the Gender Critical Action Center will be tweeting at the candidates. Please follow us and retweet. If you can, tweet them on your own. If you are a Democrat, say so, and tell them that you are not in alignment with the sexist and homophobic “gender identity” agenda.


We will be tweeting these. Please retweet, or tweet them yourself.

Ask your constituents: What if someone told your child that he or she was born in the wrong body because he or she does not conform to sex stereotypes? What if you had to watch your child be chemically sterilized? Check your position on the Equality Act.

Ask your conscience and your constituents: should we enshrine sex stereotypes into law? That is sexist, regressive and violates the SCOTUS landmark decision of Price Waterhouse vs. Hopkins. Check your position on the Equality Act.

Ask your constituents, especially those who support LGB rights, if they agree with the ‘gender identity’ erasure of women and girls’ bodily privacy rights, or the sterilization of children with off-label drugs. Go ahead, ask them, and ask your conscience.

As a public official, consult your legal understanding and your constituents’ expectations: ‘Gender identity’ in the Equality Act is based on a circular definition. It is foolish and reckless to enshrine something into law that is defined only by reference to itself!



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