ACTION: Report the Homophobic Conflation of LGB with the Medical Lifestyle of Transgenderism Being Taught to Children.

Nate Monson, Executive Director of Iowa Safe Schools has threatened to call the authorities on a citizen who expressed concern about the harms of “gender identity” as it is taught in the Safe Schools curriculum. Monson needs to understand:
* that conflating “gender identity” with LGB is a political, profiteering coup orchestrated by the pharmaceutical industry as it interfaces with tech.
* that Iowa Safe Schools teaching that homosexuality is an attraction between people of the same gender (read: not sex) is homophobic and damaging to lesbian and gay students.
*  that teaching “gender identity” ideology promotes the normalization of a medical, drug-dependent lifestyle that interrupts a child’s natural maturation through puberty and locks them into a lifetime of medical dependency, sterilization and shortened lifespans.

Follow the money: Safe Schools received $300,000 in 2011 alone from Arcus Foundation whose LBGT funding is funneled through the founder’s medical corporation worth billions of dollars and other “philanthropists” with direct ties to big pharma, including Ford and Open Society Foundations. The medical scandal of youth gender dysphoria is just starting to come to the fore in mainstream media in the UK, and Italy. It is time for America to step up and end the harm to children caused by the homophobic conflation of LGB with the medical, drug-dependent lifestyle of transgenderism.

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I do not support the homophobic medical, drug-dependent lifestyle being taught in your schools under a progressive banner of “inclusiveness”.

Longer email script: copy “The Issue” section above.

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Stephen F. Murley
Superintendent Iowa City Community School District
Phone: (319) 688-1000

Ryan Wise, Director of Iowa Dept of Ed