Militant trans activists (mens rights activists, or MRAs) cry for “safe spaces” yet it is they who create dangerous spaces for anyone with a dissenting opinion, particularly women, meeting them with threats of rape, death and too often actual physical violence.

These MRAs’ demand for “safe spaces” is a hypocritical reversal; they demand safety for themselves but foment danger, violence and harm to others. And what do they want ‘safety’ from? Dissenting opinions and beliefs. Such intolerance is the very definition of bigotry. Militant trans activism is bigotry.

MRAs threaten venues, including libraries and universities, with violence in order to coerce cancellations or refusal to platform gender critical speakers. Even when the speaker is going to speak on unrelated subjects. Most such venues have caved to these threats. Some have even actively supported TA’s aggression. Case in point, the San Francisco library displayed, and defended against criticism, the Degenderettes’ “art” glorifying violence against gender-critical people. Just who is it that needs “safe space” now?

Safe spaces for women are being destroyed by trans-identified males by way of actual violence: Lesbians in Pride marches, women in prisons, homeless shelters are physically and/or sexually assaulted.

Even when the Seattle Public Library recently and admirably upheld its mandate to support free speech, the speakers and attendees of Women’s Liberation Front’s presentation required police protection from the protestors and for the bomb scare. The speakers had to be ushered by security forces to their car through a mob of TA’s (men) holding signs saying “Fuck Terf’s” and pounding on the car screaming “Terfs out! Terfs out!” As speaker Lierre Keith said, “If you had told me twenty years ago that one day I would not be able to speak in public unless surrounded by a phalanx of armed men, I would not have believed you.” So much for ‘safe spaces’.


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Militant trans activists cry #safespaces yet they create dangerous spaces for anyone with a dissenting opinion by way of rape & death threats and actual physical violence. #terfisaslur #nosafespaces #reversal #wherearesafespacesforwomen #mensrightsactivists

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Militant trans-identified males cry #safespaces yet violently attack women at Gay Pride marches, homeless shelters and womens prisons. #terfisaslur #nosafespaces #safespacesforwomen #mensrightsactivists

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Transactivism is rape culture. Women need safe spaces for women to gather and speak. #terfisaslur #wherearesafespacesforwomen #mensrightsactivists



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