ACTION: Special Mid-Week Follow Up on Brown University: Sign Petition in support Dr. Lisa Littman’s study, in protest of Brown University’s Repression of Academic Freedom

The Issue

We urge you to sign the petition in support of Dr. Lisa Littman of Brown University and her study on the topic of rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).

Recap: Brown University recently removed a news article announcing a detailed study of parental reports of “Rapid-onset Gender Dysphoria” in adolescents and young adults. Removing the study is a suppression of academic freedom.

The blog 4th Wave Now, which has called for support of the petition provides detailed analysis of the study and a report on the petition, number of signatures (3700 and counting) and highlights comments by prominent university professors. The original Aug 28th post can be found here. A September 4th follow up on the intensification of the controversy is found here.

What You Can Do

Sign the petition here.

Email Script

No script today. Just sign petition.


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