ACTION: Stand Up for Biological Reality and invite others to join you.

The Issue:

“Gender Identity” and transgender ideologies are based in the denial of biological reality. They claim the falsehood that male and female are identities rather than biological fact. This is the lie at the root of the transgender agenda. Many are unaware of this lie and many others refuse to even see it.

We are a diverse group of people from varying belief backgrounds and we have come together to fight the denial of biological reality because of the many harms it causes:

*The medicalization of healthy children
*The indoctrination of children in new trans agenda school curriculums
*The indoctrination of children via story hours in our nation’s libraries
*The erasure of female sex-specific language: “chest feeding,” “pregnant people,” etc.
*The erasure of lesbians
*The attack on women’s civil rights
*The attack on families and parents’ rights
*The homophobia inherent in “gender identity” ideology (sex stereotypes)
*The colonization of women’s sports by men
*The insidious attack on free speech

We are varied:

      • Gender Critical
      • Feminist
      • Christian, Muslim or Jewish
      • Republicans and Democrats
      • Parents and De-transitioners
      • Conservative and Liberal

Though many of us do not agree on everything, we understand and stand with the unifying fact of Biological Reality.

    • The Transgender Lobby is well-funded and savvy to the effectiveness of identifiers and simplistic slogans in endlessly repeated propaganda.
    • To counter the lies, we need only one message, one slogan, and a single color to signal our stance: Biological Reality.

What You Can Do:

Refuse to acquiesce to a denial of biological reality. Strengthen and support those who stand with biological reality. Use the Biological Reality logo. Post it on your social media feeds, on your individual and organization profiles, on your websites, businesses, and car bumpers. Have fun! Get a hat made, a button, or a flag. Wear the logo and its color green to events and protests so you stand in visible unison. Those divided are more easily ruled. Those united are a force to be reckoned with. There is no time to waste. Whatever else you are doing, however else you are fighting:

Stand with Biological Reality.


Those who deny biological reality, everywhere and anywhere, and those who don’t even know that they do.