ACTION: Tell Gender Clinic Docs to Stop Butchering Children!

The Issue:

 “When young people are medicated to the point of sterilization, just to better align with and conform to social constructs—that is eugenics. And because gender conformity has so much to do with compulsory heterosexuality—it’s a form of gay eugenics.” Renee Gerlich

I’m feeling really lucky these days. I grew up in a time when gender non-conforming girls like me were called “tomboys.” Which wasn’t meant to indicate that we were actually boys, only that we adopted some of the cultural stereotypes associated with boys and eschewed many of the cultural stereotypes associated with girls. As a girl, though, I would have welcomed the chance to be magically transformed into a “real boy.” I was jealous that they got to do all the cool stuff.

If I were a girl today, I would be in grave danger of being called a “trans-boy” and ushered into one of the more than 50 U.S. “gender clinics” which exist to “fix” those poor, unfortunate souls who were “born in the wrong body.” Nowadays, if you’re a girl who prefers Matchbox cars to Barbies, the Medical Industrial Complex will provide cross-sex hormones & puberty-blockers (whose side effects include joint pain, weakened bones, increased anxiety and depression, deteriorating vision, increases in cancer and stroke, and permanent sterility), elective double mastectomy of healthy breasts, and phalloplasty (which is a horrific butchering of children’s healthy bodies). Many who go through these “treatments” will never experience orgasm.

Because I was born some decades ago instead of more recently, I was spared all of that. I’ve grown up to become a (still) gender non-conforming lesbian mother. And I’m fighting for the lives of those kids whose bodies are under attack by this predatory monster, the “trans” medical establishment. I am fighting for my child.

What You Can Do:

Re-tweet this action and email the gender clinic butchers below. Tell them to STOP BUTCHERING KIDS’ HEALTHY BODIES!