ACTION: Tell Lunapads that Its Promotion of “Gender Identity” Ideology Hurts Women and Girls. Copy Media Outlets.

The Issue

Lunapads, a manufacturer of women’s menstruation products, has invested heavily in a web presence that glamorizes “gender identity” ideology at the expense of women’s and girl’s health. Lunapads is actively deploying a coordinated effort to disassociate girls from their maturing bodies, embody shame in their biological functions, and promote life-long medication and atrophied reproductive organs. It’s graphic and heartbreaking. This is especially concerning given the products offered and the market demographics that Lunapads targets.

What You Can Do

Email Lunapds ask them why they are promoting this obvious woman-hating. Copy media outlets (script below.)

Email Script

Dear Lunapads,

You are a manufacturer of women’s menstruation products yet you have invested heavily in a web presence that glamorizes “gender identity” ideology at the expense of women’s and girl’s health. It is harmful to women’s and girls’ physical and psychological health; encourages girls to disassociate from their maturing bodies; embodies shame in their biological functions; and embraces life-long endocrine damage and atrophied reproductive organs. How is this promoting confidence and well-being in young women?

How are images of dismembered women and the celebration of masculinity relevant to the female market for menstruation products? How is this eliminating, as you purport to do, social stigma related to women’s biology?

You also purport to be an environmentally focused company yet you endorse medical procedures such as the use of endocrine-disrupting and bio-damaging chemicals, which will end up in drinking water sources. You promote surgical excision of healthy tissue and reproductive organs and lifelong medication with synthetic hormones, yet devote so much effort to exposing the harms of competitors’ products. And you promote, via linking to this, which promotes an ideology whose endpoint will be the end of your own product market? Is this a good business model? But more importantly, what do these inconsistencies mean?  What are they actually telling women and girls?

I urge you to re-evaluate the wisdom of this entire campaign, which harms women and girls.



Email menstrual products manufacturers: hello@lunapads

CC major media outlets:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,