ACTION: Tell Media on the Left and Right to STOP Using Headlines That Frame Gender Critical Voices as Anti-Trans

The Issue

Media on the right and left continuously frame voices critical of gender identity ideology as anti-trans. Tell them our voices are not against individuals but against ideology.

What You Can Do

Email media outlets (listed below) and let them know you disagree with the framing of gender critical voices in a way that pits people against each other.

Email Script

Dear Media Journalists,

I am calling on you, the media, to stop framing voices of those who are critical of gender identity ideology and all its harms, as “anti-trans.”

A critique of gender ideology is not about hate. It is about a lobby of influential and powerful men rearranging societies for their own purposes. This is not about civil rights. It’s about rapid and global changes in law, language, institutions, bills of rights, people getting arrested, threatened, censored and fired, and children being harmed. There is a lot to discuss but framing those who would offer a critique as “anti-trans zealots” creates a dangerous myth that does not allow for critical information to be evaluated.  One can support individuals while critiquing a movement’s ideology.

It is your journalistic duty to reframe these differences as differences, discussions as debate, not as hate.  As it is, you are fomenting hate with this framing. I hope you will consider the impact you are having and refrain from promoting this dangerous myth.