ACTION: Tell NBC Out to Drop Tim Fitzsimons for Unethical and Inaccurate Reporting that Causes Harm

The Issue

Media outlets that provide unbiased reporting are very rare. Writers answer to editors who answer to publishers who answer to owners and stockholders – and all of them depend on advertisers for profit. Still, journalistic ethics exist to support responsible, factual and informative reporting. NBC Out is flagrantly failing on the ethics of reporting the personal, social and legal ramifications of “gender identity” ideology.

What You Can Do

Contact NBC Out and urge them to drop reporter Tim Fitzsimons for his biased, shoddy and unethical reporting. Urge NBC Out to embrace higher ethical standards in reporting.

Copy other media outlets.

Email Script

Dear NBC Out,

I am deeply concerned about the harm caused by the shoddy, unethical and inaccurate reporting by Tim Fitzsimons in your recent NBC Out article:  Conservative group hosts anti-transgender panel of feminists ‘from the left’ . With the subtitle: “Divide and conquer? The conservative Heritage Foundation hosted a panel of “radical feminists” fighting trans rights,” Fitzsimons doubles-down on his misogyny.

Reporters have journalistic ethics to uphold. Fitzsimons’ “reporting” is anything but ethical, responsible or accurate. He is grossly biased, and close to libelous.

  • “Anti-transgender” – No. The panelists detailed very specific concerns about legal, parental and societal harms caused to women and children by “gender identity” ideology. Pro-women and pro-children would be a more accurate description of the panel.
  • ‘from the left’— The half quotes insinuate that panelists are lying about their being on the left politically.
  • “Divide and conquer?” – This colors the panelists with Fitzsimon’s own paintbrush. It is he who polarizes the populace by vilifying people who have sincere, well-researched concerns.
  • “radical feminists” – The quotes insinuate that the panelists’ self description is an invalid term, as if women are not allowed to analyze or overcome the root cause of our oppression.
  • “fighting trans rights” – This mischaracterizes the panelists as opposing human rights, while the reporter erases their actual aim—fighting for women’s rights. This is ironic since it is the erasure of women’s rights that is at the core of the panelists’ concerns.

A glance at his Jan 29th Twitter remarks about his own article blatantly exposes his extreme bias from which he skewed his “reporting.”

If anything is an example of the callousness he ascribes to grieving parents, it’s his own dismissal of their humanity, their parental anguish at witnessing their children’s suffering and conflicted emotions, that is callous in the extreme. Aside from the personal hurt this inflicts on these parents, it also breeds a socal climate that vilifies parents and anyone with concerns about “gender identity” ideology.

Contrast Fitzsimons’ shoddy wordage with this ethical reporting about the same panel presentation:

“[One panelist] gave voice to several heartbroken parents whose children have come to believe they are the opposite sex…[She] explained she was telling their stories so the parents — whose identities were not disclosed — could be heard, since the mainstream media has chosen to ignore them…“[One mother] cannot disclose her name because of legal repercussions. She reached out to dozens of journalists and government officials for help to no avail.” [emphasis added]

Further ethical and responsible reporting of this panel and the societal and personal harms it has denounced can be found here and here and here.

Currently, NBC Out and the majority of media is failing in its journalistic responsibility to publish only responsible discourse re the societal and real-life personal ramifications of “gender identity” ideology.

This is enabling the current McCarthyist erosion of our most fundamental democratic right–freedom of speech. And it does this in a most pernicious way, by eroding the ethics of a free press to protect democracy and open discourse by means of responsible and accurate reporting.

I urge you to drop this non-journalist Tim Fitzsimons and others of his ilk from your NBC Out roster. I encourage you to only publish responsible and accurate reporting that fosters open discourse and thereby preserves democratic freedom of speech.