ACTION: Tell Rachel Maddow (and others) to Cover Stories Related to “Gender Identity” Ideology


The Issue

Women are speaking out. Posie Parker, a UK-based feminist blogger, is all over it, making sure that everyone remembers what the word woman means, and the UK media is covering it. Everyone, including Rachel, knows what the word woman means when discussing the epidemic of sexual assault, but people seem confused about the definition of “woman” when discussing “gender identity” ideology. While all of this is going on, the U.S. media is silent.

What You Can Do

Email Rachel and tell her to start covering this topic. Copy other mainstream media outlets (script below.)

Email Script

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for your work.

I am writing to call your attention to: (1) the fundamental lie of “gender identity” ideology (which is a threat to freedom of speech as it is being cemented into law and language); (2) the inherent homophobia and misogyny it promotes; (3) the failure of U.S. media, including you and MSNBC, to cover it, and (3) the fact that everyone, including you, knows what the word “woman” means when discussing the epidemic of sexual assault.

Meet Posie Parker (i.e., Kellie Jane). She is a U.K.-based blogger who has caused quite a stir by posting billboards that point out the dictionary definition of woman. She put up a billboard that featured the dictionary definition of the word “woman” (i.e., adult human female). And yet somehow this is being called “transphobic.” The U.K. media is all over this story, and have been reporting on related issues like the U.K. Gender Recognition Act, Man-Friday, and the cancellation of meetings for women to gather and discuss the erasure of women in law and policy. Posie has been doxxed (her personal address and photos of her children have been shared on social media) because she dares to assert that women are female.

Now meet Kara Dansky. Kara is on the board of an organization called the Women’s Liberation Front, which fights for the liberation of women. Kara is a far-left radical feminist and the only platform she could get in U.S. media to discuss the impact of “gender identity” ideology on women was on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News. Why do you not have her on your show? Why is Kara, a far-left radical feminist, having to go on Fox News, of all places, to fight for the rights and privacy of women and girls?

Why are you not covering this silencing of women and girls? Why is Posie Parker being doxxed and why does Kara have to go on Fox News to discuss this topic? Will you invite Kara on to your show to discuss this?

“Gender identity” ideology denies that human bodies are sexed. As such, it rejects the notion that human beings can be attracted to people of a single sex, or of both sexes. This view is extremely homophobic. In addition, we know that it is not possible for a human being to change, or “identify out of” his or her sex. A male person cannot become female. Male people who wish to enter the intimate spaces that are reserved for female people are invading women’s spaces. This is extremely misogynistic.

I know that you know what a woman is, Rachel. I know this because you are explicit about it in your excellent coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings. This is not complicated.

And yet when a British woman puts up a billboard with the dictionary definition of woman, it causes a controversy. When an American woman wants to talk about it, the only airing she can get is on Fox News.

Stop this, Rachel. Give this a fair hearing. Give this coverage. The rights and privacy of women and girls depend on it. And I know that you care about that.



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