ACTION: Tell Television Networks to Show Both Sides of the “Gender Identity” Narrative

The Issue

NBC Out! website posted an article hinting at the inconsistencies which exist between “gender identity” ideology and homosexuality, but which ultimately blamed lesbians, specifically, and women, in general, as bigots for adhering to the fact that you cannot change your sex. Despite it’s ‘one or the other’ type headline, it failed to present both sides of the story.

What You Can Do

Email NBC, copying the major networks and national media, telling them you want to hear both sides of the story.

Email Script

Dear NBC,

I appreciate your recent attempt to cover the inherent conflict between “gender identity” ideology and same-sex attraction. I am disappointed that you did not fully address the root of the issue, as best explained in After Ellen’s response to you.

Major media and entertainment outlets have all been publishing content celebrating an ideology which is both socially and physically detrimental to your target markets. At the root of “gender identity” ideology is an insistence that sex role stereotypes (femininity and masculinity) are innate to our  biologically sexed bodies. Codifying “gender identity” ideology into law, which is happening rapidly across the USA, eradicates women’s hard fought for rights and effectively forces women, girls, and, of course, lesbians, back into subservient second class roles in society. It also reinforces men’s compliance with toxic masculinity and violent behaviors, thus deteriorating our social structure.

“Gender identity” ideology also encourages the medicalization of healthy bodies – the destruction of healthy tissue, sterilization, and lifelong drug dependency (all to the profit of the medical-pharmaceutical industry). The media has an ethical responsibility to report judiciously and accurately; these actions should not be celebrated in your content, they should be critically analyzed and any harm deterred.

There are many stories to be told, stories which celebrate the diversity of human interests and personalities; the deep love and commitment of parents supporting children through a troubling adolescence;  the courage of people de-transitioning and reclaiming their authentic selves. Stories which belie an ideology that demands denial of material reality and legislates harms against women and girls.

I want to see and hear the other stories.  I want the full story.