ACTION: Tell The Atlantic that Human Sexual Dimorphism is Grounded in Science and that Suggesting Otherwise is Pandering to Political Ideology.

The Issue

On November 11, 2018 The Atlantic published an article by an anthropology doctoral student suggesting that human sexual dimorphism is scientifically contested and that the study of human bones supports a spectrum of human sex rather than a male/female binary. This is a dangerous lie that panders to the political trend of “gender identity” ideology, a belief system which has no basis in material reality.

What You Can Do

Email The Atlantic and let them know you are outraged by their apparent pandering to a faith-based political trend that has absolutely no basis in material reality, no scientific proof and only serves to confuse and obfuscate scientific fact. Copy other media outlets and medical societies to express your concern that “gender identity” ideology, an amorphous set of ideas that has changed shape repeatedly, is taking precedence over material, biological fact and reality. (Script and addresses below.)

Email Script

Dear Atlantic Editors,

On November 11, 2018 you published an article by an anthropology doctoral student suggesting that the binary of male/female sexual dimorphism in humans is actually a spectrum of sex. This is a patently false assertion. There is absolutely no credible science that suggests human mammals are not a sexually dimorphic species. The author’s assertion that a skeletal, anatomical anomaly somehow disproves human sexual dimorphism, is absurd at best. It is known in forensic anthropology and medicine that the pubic and subpubic angle does give accurate readings of sex (not gender). That skeletons might differ slightly within sex and ethnic categories is not new. Anomalies, including intersex conditions, prove nothing. The Intersex Society of North America says of transgender and intersex, “…these two groups should not be and cannot be thought of as one.” Further, the author goes on to use the very binary classification she is attempting to refute when she writes “the proportion of men to women should have been about half and half.”

This is shoddy journalism. You are pandering to the nefarious notion that we all have an “essence” of stereotypical masculine and feminine traits that constitute our own identity, which is then regarded and promoted by various media outlets as predominant above our biologically sexed reality. This is a dangerous and blatant falsehood.

I urge you to rectify this error and consider your responsibility and influence as journalists: do you want to ride a political wave of trendy falsehoods or do you want to adhere to journalistic standards of truth and integrity?

Thank you,


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