ACTION: Tell the DNC that You Will Not Contribute to the Party As Long as They Insist that Men Can Be Women

The Issue

This week’s action is for our American left-leaning, Democrat followers.

The Democratic National Committee has abandoned a rule requiring that all sub-committees consist of 50% women and 50% men, by way of allowing committee members to serve on the basis of “gender self-identification.” This means that men can serve as women, solely on the basis of self-identification. And, an unlimited number of self-declared “non-binary” males may fill several or even all committee roles. There is no longer a requirement for any actual Democratic women to be included.

This follows on the departure of hundreds of women from the UK Labour Party and Women’s Equality Party over their  decisions to allow men to run using slots reserved for women, solely on the basis of “gender self-identification.”

What You Can Do

Email the DNC (and copy left-leaning media outlets). Tell them that you will not contribute to the party as long as they insist that men can be women and usurp the women’s quota. (Script below.)

Email Script

Dear DNC,

I am a life-long Democrat.

The DNC will get no money or volunteer efforts from me until you protect the sex class of women, ensuring equal representation and opportunities to females. So long as you continue to insist that male committee members can serve as female committee members and thus usurp the 50% female quota on the basis of “gender self-identification” and that an unlimited number of males adopting “non-binary” identities may fill any or all party positions, then I cannot support you.

Are you aware of what is happening in the UK over the Labour Party’s and Women’s Equality Party’s “self-identification” positions? Thousands of women have left these parties. The same will happen in the U.S., and we will lose everything to Republicans.

Many Vermont Democrats will either vote Republican or not vote at all because they see through the veneer of this man who insists that he is a woman.

The DNC’s current stance on “gender identity” is going to cost us dearly. The party cannot afford to lose the support of Democrats who understand biological sex is immutable and that performing sex role stereotypes does not change your sex.  The Democratic Party will not survive the loss of women, those voters who are most harmed by equating sex role stereotypes with reproductive biology.

You must reverse this sexist modification immediately.



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