ACTION: Tell the FBI That Trans-Activism Presents a Growing Violent Trend

The Issue

The FBI offers an Online Tips and Public Leads form that you can use to inform them of the violent trend that trans-activism presents, especially to women. Let’s use it!

What You Can Do

       Go to this form. Submit the following fields:

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Script for Tip


I am writing to inform you of the serious and growing threat of, and actual acts of, violence perpetrated by transgender-identified male people (colloquially referred to as “transwomen”) against women, and against lesbians in particular. These threats are international in scope, including in the U.S. I would like to direct your attention to this article in particular:

In it, the author lists, describes, and links to numerous examples of threats that have been made to women, and actual physical violence against women who stand up for women and girls. I want the FBI to be aware of the seriousness of this threat. I also urge the FBI to make local law enforcement agencies aware of this growing threat to the physical safety of women internationally, including in the U.S. (I know that most law enforcement activities are carried out by local agencies). The threat is real, and women are currently being violently attacked .