ACTION: Tell the LGBT Foundation that Lesbians are Female


The Issue

April 26 is Lesbian Visibility Day.

To honor the day, the LGBT Foundation is inviting lesbians to share their stories. But, the Foundation states that it wants to hear the stories of “lesbians with different experiences, identities and backgrounds: including lesbians who are trans, who are people of colour, who are older, who are disabled and neurodivergent, who are seeking asylum or have no recourse to public funds, lesbians of all faiths and backgrounds, and gender presentations and identities.”

We all know what this means. It means that the LGBT Foundation thinks that lesbians can have, or want, penises. And we all know that lesbians do not have, or want, penises.

What You Can Do

It’s simple. Just reply to this tweet from the LGBT Foundation with the hashtag #lesbiansarefemale. Spread the hashtag all over Twitter. Let’s make this viral for Lesbian Visibility Day. Tag media outlets.




Reply to this tweet:

Tag as many of these media outlets as you want to:

@CNN ‏
@nytimes ‏
@NewYorker ‏
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@mmfa ‏

Make the hashtag go viral!