ACTION: Tell the Media You Support Martina Navratilova

The Issue

Left wing media as well as media funded by the trans lobby are framing Martina Navratilova as a “Terf” and “Anti-trans,” for her statements in the Sunday Times UK article regarding men infiltrating women’s sports. Such defamatory labeling silences open discourse.

What You Can Do

Email media outlets (listed below) and let them know you disagree with the use of the disparaging epithets and efforts to censor Martina Navratilova’s important perceptions and that you support Martina.

Email Script

Dear Journalists,

I am calling on you, the media, to stop your abusive epithets of Martina Navratilova for her much-needed perceptions on men infiltrating women’s sports under the guise of civil rights.  The derogatory slurs “Terf” and “Anti-Trans” have no place in media that seeks to inform from a fair vantage point.

Women’s sports were created to give biological females the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, with other biological women.  Adding biological men to that category, emphatically erases the very concept of women’s sports.  Trashing a leader and champion in women’s tennis with disparaging accusations because she tells the truth about biological reality, will win you no fans.  I support Martina Navratilova’s courage in coming forward.