ACTION: Tell U.S. Media to Report Institutional and State Capitulation to Censorship by the “Gender Identity” Lobby.

The Issue

The U.S. media is ignoring censorship. A global research authority recently released the results of a survey showing that a majority of Parliamentary Members, and their constituents, do NOT support “gender identity” ideology because it infringes on the rights of women and girls. These same members are AFRAID to say this, much less legislate against it. As reported in a recent Guardian UK article, 100 academics from a broad range of academic perspectives, most of whom are currently employed in UK universities, have formed a network to address their significant concerns over censorship in both research and publishing. Globally, including the U.S., professionals, academics, activists, and feminist organizers have also been de-platformed, harassed, and intimidated into forgoing any discussion of gender critical issues. The media remains silent about the increasingly censorious “gender identity” lobby.

What You Can Do

Tell the U.S. media that they must stop capitulating to the “gender identity” lobby with their blackout of gender critical perspectives and the harassment and attacks on those attempting to challenge this movement (script below.)

Email Script

Dear U.S. Media,

CommunicateResearch, Ltd., a global policy and politics consultancy based in London, UK, recently released the results of a Parliamentary Member survey showing the majority of members and their constituents do not support “gender identity” ideology, yet are too intimidated by a vocal and aggressive minority to publicly discuss this issue. Specifically, the members oppose laws and policies that are critical of the political elevation of the rights of self-declared trans-identified males over the rights, welfare and security of women and girls, but have found the topic silenced within Parliamentary, public, institutional and academic discussions.

This is a clear, and successful, attack on democracy. Americans who are critical of “gender identity” ideology are under the same attack and this must be openly scrutinized by the media.

Recently, 100 academics from a broad range of academic perspectives, most of who are currently employed in U.K. universities, formed a network to address concerns of censorship in research on “gender identity.” The extent of harassment, financial and physical intimidation, and outright silencing of gender critical research and analysis has precipitated them forming an Alliance to address censorship by academia and the press.

In the U.S., academics, feminists, journalists, environmental activists, healthcare experts, and other professionals have also been de-platformed, harassed, attacked and intimidated into forgoing any investigation into “gender identity.” The U.S. press has capitulated to these silencing tactics by refusing to report them and to cover gender critical research and perspectives. An extensive master list of the tactics being used by this increasingly censorious movement can be found here.

It is the Press’s job to address movements and institutions wielding too much power over its citizenry. A free press is the barrier that stands between democracy and totalitarianism and I am urging you to consider where your continued complicity and silence on this issue is leading.



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