ACTION: Tell US Democratic Politicians What Announcing Their “Pronouns” Really Promotes.

The Issue:

U.S. Democrats (Senator Elizabeth Warren, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, and former Housing Secretary Julian Castro) are now listing their “preferred pronouns” in their political bios. Tell them and other U.S. Democratic Politicians they are actually promoting harm when they support “gender identity” ideology.

Here’s why:  “Gender identity” ideology

    • promotes a medical, drug-dependent lifestyle that harms children
    • obliterates women’s hard-won rights
    • decimates free speech

Harm to children:

Gender dysphoria is a complex disorder in children that deserves responsible professional care, but instead is being exploited for corporate profits as an edgy, cool, new medical lifestyle and promoted as “progressive” while appropriating the hard-won gains of the LGB civil rights movement.

Tavistock (the only “youth gender clinic” in the UK) is now being exposed for abuse, flagrant use of puberty blockers on confused children with co-morbid mental health issues, and staff leaving in protest.

Fifty such clinics funded by those heavily invested in the medical industrial complex have emerged in one short decade in the US since transgenderism has been adopted by corporate advertising and Hollywood.

And yet politicians read aloud on the floor of the house of representatives a book by a boy who identifies as a girl, a book which is full of false information and dangerous omissions. Could this have anything to do with increasing profits for the medical market, the biggest lobbying entity in Congress?

Further harms:

    • A professor in Virginia, has been removed from his post for “misgendering” a student.
    • Women are being banned from social media for discussing problems with “gender identity” ideology.
    • Men are usurping women’s sports and winning women’s titles. One high school girl has had the courage to speak out, so why don’t the adult politicians?
    • “Gender identity” is creating chaos out of criminal, social and medical statistics.

All these mounting harms, yet, no “progressive” politician speaks out against them. Instead they announce their “preferred pronouns”.

What You Can Do:

Tweet (and share on your social media platforms) your national and local politicians who support “gender identity” politics. Tell them to stop harming children, women and free speech by promoting this medical, drug-dependent lifestyle. Stop stuffing the wallet of the biggest lobbying entity in Congress!



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