ACTION: Thank Martina Navratilova for Speaking Out

The Issue

Males have obvious and extensive biological, physical advantages over females, which is why professional sports are segregated by sex. “Gender identity” ideology, backed by big money, is uprooting the rights of females in women’s sports, where male athletes, identifying as women, are winning women’s sports and injuring females.

Martina Navratilova started a groundswell of support for women and girls in sports by writing a piece in the Sunday Times UK about the unfairness of males competing in female sports and other Olympians have followed suit in support.

What You Can Do

Send out a huge thank you to Martina and other female athletes for getting the ball rolling, for having the courage to step beyond the fray and coming forward for women and girls at great expense, in an environment that is increasingly censorious. Please Tweet!


Thank you for speaking out! Women fought hard for women’s sports and deserve to keep them free of male athletes!

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