ACTION: Thank the Desisted Women of the Pique Resilience Project for Speaking Out

The Issue

Detransitioned and desisted women Chiara, Jesse, and Helena, three of the four co-founders of the Pique Resilience Project, courageously spoke out publicly in a panel in New York City. The March 15, 2019 panel titled Gender Hurts: The Feminist Fight Against Gender featured Sheila Jeffreys and was sponsored by WoLF (Women’s Libeartion Front). These women spoke of getting past their fears of speaking out to affirm biological reality. They encouraged all women who know the dangers of gender identity ideology to do the same.Let’s thank and support these detransitioned women and their courageous trailblazing outreach through their Pique Resilience Project!

What You Can Do

Thank the detransitioned women of the Pique Resilience Project on their website contact form or at Twitter or Tumblr. You can also financially support them at paypal or patreon. You can listen to their weekly podcast here.

Suggested Script

Dear Dagny, Chiara, Jesse and Helena, founders of the Pique Resilience Project,

Thank you for your trailblazing and outreach through the Pique Resilience Project. I especially thank you for courageously speaking out publicly at the recent Gender Hurts: The Feminist Fight Against Gender in New York City.

Your voice of experience and honesty as detransitioned and desisted women will have a great impact for good on the lives of youth and many others. You are providing something of immeasureable value.

Thank you for your voice!


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