ACTION: Thank the Media Outlets That Have Reported on the Pervasive Effects of “Gender Identity” Ideology

The Issue

The public at large knows very little about the harmful effects of “gender identity” ideology and legislation because the majority of the mainstream media has failed to research and report the factual information that would inform the public of these harms. But some media outlets are upholding journalistic ethics and are publishing responsible, factual and informative articles on the personal, social and legal ramifications of “gender identity” ideology. Let’s thank them and encourage them for more!

What You Can Do

Thank the media outlets that have published responsible and informative articles on the ramifications of “gender identity” ideology and encourage them to publish more such articles. Copy other media outlets.

Email Script

Dear Media,

I want to thank you who are reporting on the far-reaching social, personal, legal and political ramifications of “gender identity” ideology.

Currently, the majority of media is failing in its journalistic responsibility to investigate and report on these ramifications. But to you, media outlets and writers in the (non-comprehensive) list below that are doing so, I say thank you!

These are a few of the notable articles and authors you have published. Thank you for providing the public with investigative reporting which informs, encourages debate and understanding, and protects one of the most fundamental rights of democracy – freedom of speech.

I encourage you to continue to inform the public of the pervasive ramifications of “gender identity” ideology on society, the law, politics, and our personal lives.


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