ACTION: The Equality Act Uses Human Rights as a Trojan Horse

The Issue

The U.S. Equality Act (EA) was voted on and passed by the House of Representatives last week. It will next go to a vote in the Senate. The EA is framed as an extension and completion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ensure full human rights, equality and non-discrimination for LGBT people. In reality it is a Trojan Horse loaded with 1) corporate profits for Big Pharma and medical and bio-tech industries, 2) replacement of biological sex with “gender identity” as the ultimate determinant of one’s legal sex, which 3) cascades into loss of Civil Rights for many. It erodes First Amendment Free Speech. Parents may lose custody of children. It emboldens censorship, de-platforming and loss of jobs. And it erases women as a (sex) category worthy of Civil Rights protection.

What You Can Do

Tweet your House Representative. You can find out how your representative voted here:


Tweet your opposition to the Equality Act’s Trojan Horse for corporate profits and for violating Civil Rights by replacing sex with “gender identity”.

Twitter Script (or make up your own)

The USA Equality Act is a Trojan Horse for corporate profits.

The Equality Act violates Free Speech and Civil Rights.

The Equality Act violates parents’ rights and women’s rights.










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