Contact Democracy Now! and urge them to include gender-critical perspectives when covering the “gender identity” issue.

The Issue

Democracy Now! covers news items related to “gender identity” exclusively based on the premise that “gender identity” ideology is “progressive.” No deviating opinion ever finds its way into its programming. This kind of party-line stance is not democratic, let alone liberal. To the contrary, such a refusal to present diverse perspectives of “gender identity” ideology is damaging freedom of speech by uncritically suppressing all but one point of view. Tragically, this censorship and gradual erosion of freedom of speech eventually leads to a loss of some civil rights and eventually opens the gates to a form of totalitarianism.

What You Can Do

Email Democracy Now! to express your concern about the exclusion of diverse perspectives of “gender identity” ideology and demand that they exhibit democracy and diversity by opening their coverage to differing opinions on “gender identity” politics. (Contact information below).

Email Script

Dear Amy Goodman, Juan González, Nermeen Shaikh and Mike Burke of Democracy Now!,

I am very disappointed that you let yourself consistently be used as an instrument of censorship by failing to include a diversity of views and information when it comes to issues involving “gender identity” ideology.

This omission is diametrically opposed to everything you and Democracy Now! profess to stand for. Such omission enables the erosion of fundamental democratic rights by “gender identity” politics which is censoring public discourse through verbal and physical bullying, violating the hard-won sex-based rights for women, promulgating anti-scientific “data,” and empowering the state over family and the individual. These issues should be of urgent interest to Democracy Now!

Below are just a few of the contemporary stories that we urge you as the watch-guards of democracy to openly – without pre-judgement – include in your coverage:

  • In New York, you can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for the alleged crime of “misgendering,” which has serious First Amendment implications. In California, you can go to jail for the same “crime.”
  • In Canada, parents are fighting for their right not have their children indoctrinated with a dangerous ideology that encourages them to think that they can change their sex (the so-called “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” curriculum). Jenn Smith is a trans-identified male person who opposes this and has extensively written about it. A similar policy is slated to be instituted in Fairfax County, Virginia, and in other states throughout the US
  • There are numerous developments in the UK that should be part of a balanced and complete coverage including gender-critical perspectives. Here are just a few:
    • Labour Party activist Linda Bellos, a Black lesbian feminist, is being threatened with expulsion from the party over her gender-critical views.
    • Labour is also allowing biologically male people to run on its all-women Parliamentary shortlists, which has angered many prominent UK-based feminists.
    • Last year, a trans-identified male punched a 60-year-old grandmother after threatening to “fuck up” some women. The woman was attending an event titled “What is Gender?” At his trial, the woman was ordered to commit perjury by referring to this young man as “she.”
  • Currently feminists are protesting on social media an exhibit at the San Francisco public library, designed by “gender identity” activists (who are also antifa terrorists), that encourages violence against women. Part of the exhibit had to be removed.
  • Professionals have expressed concerns about a transgender social contagion, especially as regards young women and many parents are revealing heart-breaking stories after their children suddenly announce that they “are” trans.
  • It is mostly wealthy white men who benefit from the proliferation of “gender identity” ideology.

“Gender identity” ideology is riddled with logical, legal, scientific, and ethical contradictions and inaccuracies. The public needs to hear from informed guests knowledgeable on this.

I urge you at Democracy Now! to uphold the democratic value of open, informed discourse and to provide your viewers with the full spectrum of views on “gender identity” politics, including gender critical views. This is not just about having a “live and let live” attitude. It is about maintaining our fundamental democratic principles of free speech and responsible civil discourse.

Thank you and sincerely,

Phone Script

I am a viewer of Democracy Now! and am very disappointed that you fail to cover the diversity of views on issues involving “gender identity” ideology. No deviating opinion ever finds its way into its your programming. This kind of party-line stance is not democratic or liberal. Refusal to present diverse perspectives on “gender-identity” ideology is damaging freedom of speech by uncritically suppressing all but one point of view. I urge you as the watch-guards of democratic principles to cover the full spectrum of views regarding “gender identity” ideology.


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