Demand U.S. Left Liberal Media Cover “Gender Identity” Ideology From a Critical Perspective

The Issue

The liberal and mainstream media in the United States refuses to cover the issue of “gender identity” ideology from anything but a so-called civil rights perspective.  Meanwhile, parents are confused, outraged, and terrified by their children’s sudden announcements that they are “transgender.” Professionals dealing with children that seem to have “gender dysphoria” have serious concerns about these children being swiftly driven through a process of “transition” and set up as lifetime medical patients when desistance rates for seemingly “gender dysphoric” youth are in the 90th percentile. Women are concerned about their rights to privacy, as males who claim to be women are demanding access to female-only intimate spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms. In all but three states, people who wish to “change their sex” on their birth certificates can do so simply on the basis of self-identification. This has long-term consequences (like crime reporting and public health research) that the left ought to care about. A self-described feminist Democrat recently went so far as to contact the American Conservative to say that she feels “politically homeless.”

What You Can Do

Contact the U.S. liberal and mainstream media and demand they cover your concerns.  Let them know who you are, and why you want them to cover this issue from a more balanced perspective. (CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW).

Email Script

Dear media,

The “Gender Identity” movement and its politics is rapidly upending culture, laws, institutions, language, and physical privacy between the sexes, and is doing so with force, with threats, and with money. A self-described feminist Democrat recently went so far as to contact the American Conservative to say that she feels “politically homeless.” Yet there is largely no coverage in the media of the dissenting voices. We urge you to broaden the discussion to include the rapidly growing dissent which is expressing concern that our democratic and civil rights are being endangered and eroded by the “gender identity” movement. Compelling stories, incidents and evidence which the media can cover substantiates that this movement engages in a number of activities that should inflame the political left.

Contrary to the hyped-up fake individualism that is frequently discussed in the media, “gender identity” ideology actually infringes on people’s personal liberty.

There are numerous compelling push-backs to “gender identity” ideology that are ripe to be covered in media:

Parents have organized a walk-out of schools for their children on April 23rd, in resistance to “gender identity” ideology being promoted in their children’s school under the umbrella of sex ed.

In all but three states in the U.S. people can change their sex, which is grounded in biological reality, on their birth certificates because they claim it doesn’t match some internal sense of who they are. This is likely to have profound impacts on crime reporting, public health research and the National Census that have not been adequately considered.

Men who self-identify as women with no criteria beyond their feelings, are gaining entrance into women’s universities, sports teams, prisons and safe houses.

Parents have started support and educational sites on the Internet to assist others in dealing with a teen contagion of self-identification as transgender (an umbrella term that really has no stable definition).  Many of these young people are advancing toward a lifetime of endocrine-damaging medical interventions, and permanent sterility, before they are even allowed to drive.

Professionals too have started support sites for other professionals seeing an onslaught of children and young adults being influenced to believe they need to change their physical bodies to conform to what they are told  is an inborn, immutable ”gender identity,” many of whom desist after ruining their health.


This is not progressive. It is regressive and dangerous and I feel that my voice and the voices of many others are being ignored in the media. The only critical voices that are being shared are the voices of conservatives, who are often labeled “right-wing bigots” for expressing concern. I urge you as the champions of free speech and watchdogs of democratic discourse to broaden your coverage to include the full range of voices and views regarding “gender identity” ideology which is rapidly upending our society.

Thank you and sincerely,


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