GCAC would like to extend an apology to our followers and to the conservative media publishing the voices of left-leaning women

The Issue:

It has come to our attention at GCAC, through one of our followers, that our most recent action: Ask Why Gender Critical, Left-Leaning Women Can Only Get A Voice in Conservative Media, while addressing the left-leaning media who will not publish gender critical voices, could have been construed as being unappreciative of the conservative media who have published the voices of gender-critical women on the left. This was not our intention and we would like to make that clear. We appreciate The Federalist, The American Conservative and The Public Discourse for their willingness to publish the voices of women on the left. Their publications should be given credit for their non-partisan reportage of issues pertaining to gender identity politics.


What You Can Do: 

GCAC generally calls for an action, and we will post a new action on Sunday. For now, we want to extend our sincerest apologies to our followers and to the conservative media giving a platform to women on the left.  There is no action required, but please consider supporting these valuable media outlets for their worthy reportage.

Thank you,