ACTION: Inform the Boulder Colorado School District that they are teaching children to dissociate from their physical bodies, using an ideology that is anti-science, and that this contributes to the epidemic rise in children with body dysphoria.

The Issue

On November 18, 2018, CBS4 News of Denver, CO reported that parents in Boulder are concerned about a “transgender awareness” performance at their children’s school, many expressing dissatisfaction that the concept of “gender identity” is being pushed into the grade school curriculums of their children.

What You Can Do

Email Mr. Randy Barber, Chief Communications Officer of the Boulder Valley School District, who assumes that “gender identity” ideology is a compassionate program based on inclusivity, rather than a political ideology being railroaded through all our institutions by a moneyed lobby for political and monetary gains.

Inform him of the dangerous influence this ideology is already having on children, leading some to access black market cross-sex hormones on the internet, “identify as the opposite sex” in packs and, in the case of young women, engaging in the dangerous practice of binding breasts and procuring double mastectomies. This is all to the horror of many parents left bereft and bewildered by how to cope with this social phenomenon affecting their households and families.

Copy Colorado Department of Education and other school districts reporting similar dissatisfaction and familial crisis by parents over the institutionalization of “gender identity” ideology into their children’s school curriculums.

Copy Various media outlets in CO and the medical community to encourage them to cover this rapid institutionalization of a political ideology based on promoting physical dissociation and body dysphoria.

Email Script

Dear Mr. Barber,

I am writing with regard to the recent  CBS news coverage about parental concerns over a “transgender awareness performance” at Superior Elementary School in Boulder CO.

You were quoted in the article, stating “This is fairly typical in the Boulder Valley School District, to have our students learn about inclusivity and about compassion to other people and their differences.” Certainly, children should learn compassion and to be inclusive of all differences in humanity. This is without question. But why is “gender identity” ideology being treated as a special difference to be highlighted? Why is blindness which affects over 1 million people in the US not singled out and taught to children as an attribute to be sensitive toward? Or obesity, deafness, poverty or minority ethnicity, all of which make children common targets of bullying in school?

Are you aware that there is a current epidemic of children, young women especially, announcing to their families without any prior indicators, that they “are transgender,” often after procuring black market cross sex hormones and breast binders over the internet? Some are even transitioning in packs, with groups of their friends. Their parents are forming groups to cope with this issue, share information, and attempt to deal with the emotional trauma and fallout in their families.

“Gender identity” ideology is an amorphous set of political ideas being rapidly instituted in society, which is confusing many young people as to who and what they are. It promotes dissociation from biological reality and their physical bodies and is already  causing great mental anguish in children and subsequently their families.

I urge you to read this information, produced for schools in the United Kingdom and consider that parent’s concerns, which are being expressed in school districts throughout the United States and other western countries, are valid and urgent. Children are being taught that their physical bodies don’t matter, that it is not their bodies that make them a boy or girl, but that it is their feelings and preferences for toys, clothes and activities based on sex-role stereotypes. There is absolutely no credible science supporting such a notion. Politically driven and funded ideologies have no place in the curriculum of our institutions of learning, and especially in our elementary schools.

Children are our future, everyone’s future – our future is in your hands, so please act responsibly. I’ll be watching to see how this issue unfolds in CO and hope you will be a leader in the movement to say no to political ideologues and their well-funded agenda in children’s educational curriculums.

Thank you,


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