ACTION: The Bigots at Reddit Have Banned Women’s Free Speech


The Issue:

Last week, Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman and new board member Michael Seibel made plain their bigotry against women. They banned numerous groups (known as subreddits) that served as places to critically discuss “gender identity” ideology. One of these, the GenderCritical subreddit, had 65,000 mostly female subscribers and more than 27,000 daily active users. The Reddit bigots claim that GenderCritical violates Reddit’s new rules on hate speech. This, despite the fact that the GenderCritical subreddit was scrupulously moderated and had strict rules to maintain civil discourse and prohibited hateful speech.

The moderators of GenderCritical are in process of creating their own website where the discussion can continue. You can follow them at

Hypocritically, bigots Huffman and Seibel did not ban GenderCriticalGuys, a “brother subreddit” for male allies of gender critical women.

They also continue to allow numerous subreddits whose purpose is to degrade and eroticize violence against women. These include one with 271,000 subscribers whose moderator scolds, “This is not the place for your BDSM videos. This subreddit is purely for rape fantasy videos and nothing else.”

Apparently, Huffman and Seibel think that encouraging rape does not violate Reddit’s hate speech rules. They are also fine with men posting pornographic photos without the subject’s consent. But for women to question the right of males to enter female-only spaces—that is hate speech and thoroughly unacceptable, according to them. As is stating the harms that come to healthy children when they are given off-label drugs, hormones, and elective surgeries. Unless you’re a group of men…then you might get away with it.

What You Can Do:

Call out the bigotry of Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and new board member Michael Seibel. Tweet!

Scripts below.


@reddit bigots Huffman and @mwseibel–Pornography is hate speech. Gender critical feminism is not. #RedditHateWomen #GenderIdentityIndustry #TransTyranny #RedditBigotry

Reddit bigots Huffman @reddit and @mwseibel censor thousands of women while promoting rape culture. #RedditHatesWomen #GenderIdentityIndustry #TransTyranny #RedditBigotry

Bigots Huffman @reddit and @mwseibel of Reddit censor women, but men’s rape fantasies are okay. RedditHatesWomen #GenderIdentityIndustry #TransTyranny #RedditBigotry