Press Release


Group Launches New Gender Critical Action Center

March 4, 2018

A collective of people who are concerned about society’s growing obsession with “gender identity” ideology announced today that they are launching the Gender Critical Action Center (GCAC) – a weekly international call-to-action.

About the GCAC

The purpose of the GCAC is to organize collective activity to push back on growing efforts to redefine sex to mean “gender identity” in laws, schools and universities, private settings, events, language, crime reporting, incarceration, journalism, etc. The organizers of the GCAC maintain that human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals, that women are female, that men are male, and that there is a small percentage of the human population that are intersex.

“We believe that ‘gender identity’ ideology undermines free speech, denies biological reality, and when legislated into law violates the human rights of women and girls,” said one of the organizers, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of threats of violence and sabotaging of her livelihood. “’Gender identity’ is an amorphous ideology with no stable or coherent narrative. Changing laws to override biology with ‘gender identity,’ an idea that is hyper-individualistic and constantly morphs, cannot serve society and will only sow chaos,” she continued.

How To Get Involved

The GCAC is an effort to coordinate the shared concerns of parents, feminists, doctors, other professionals, and people across the political spectrum who are concerned about the dangers of this ideology. The organizers will evaluate the most important actions to be posted on a weekly basis. They will provide a description of the issue, a concise statement of action you can take, scripts, and contact information for targets. They are committed to making every action as easy as possible. Interested users can go to the page once per week, or sign up to receive weekly email notifications here. [LINK TO SUBSCRIBE PAGE]

“’Gender identity’ ideology is not grounded in material reality,” said another one of the organizers, who also wishes to remain anonymous. “Insisting that ‘gender identity’ is innate and demanding that people use particular pronouns based on ‘gender identity’ constitutes thought policing. Human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals,” she continued. “This statement is neither conservative nor bigoted. It is simply an assertion that is grounded in material reality.”