ACTION: Seattle Restaurant Eliminates Women’s Restrooms

In Seattle, Washington the women’s room, like in many areas around the country, is now gone. The men’s room is intact but the women’s room has been subsumed under the “all gender” toilet. This might not seem like a catastrophe but it is significant ground that is now ceded to the erasure of female which is part of the transgender agenda of severing people from their biological roots.

The Issue

As we can see here in this photo there is no space for disabled women in this new paradigm either so it is hard to believe this is about making a disadvantaged part of the population feel more included . This is female erasure/erasure of biological reality and it is happening rapidly, everywhere. Women fought hard for these bathrooms and in some areas of the world, are still fighting, in order to be part of public life, and these rights are being upended fast.

Along with men in women’s universities, men winning women’s awards, competing in women’s sports and winning, posing as women and skewing crime and professional stats, winning elections AS women, this effort of female erasure is succeeding. There needs to be lawsuits.

What You Can Do

The news media needs to be confronted, people in these communities need to be made aware of what is transpiring here through neighborhood canvassing door to door and community meetings. but the first order of business is to get over to their facebook feed and leave a poor rating. Be specific that you will not tolerate female erasure:…

Stand still in the face of this onslaught and we all lose and we lose fast.