Share your appreciation of & solidarity with University of Arts President David Yager for standing up for free speech, against the tyrannical pressure of transactivists & social justice warriors.

The Issue

A group of students at the University of Arts (UArts) in Philadelphia, are attempting to silence Professor Camille Paglia, over her expressed views on transgenderism and to get her fired from her tenured position. President David Yager has unequivocally and simultaneously supported Professor Paglia and free speech. In a cultural environment that can be likened to the McCarthyist era, where professionals are losing their jobs for having unpopular views, it is an act of courage to stand up to tyranny and do the right thing.

What You Can Do

Go to Twitter and Facebook and express your gratitude to the President of University of Arts, David Yager for standing with Camille Paglia and free speech.

If you are on other social media, please find your way to the University of Arts page and share your support for their position.


Twitter: @UArts
Thank you @Uarts and President David Yager for supporting Camille Paglia and free speech.

(Or other words that share your appreciation for their solid support of Camille Paglia and free speech.)

Alternately, simply share the hashtag #UArtsStands4FreeSpeech with the @UArts Twitter handle.

Facebook:  Pick any post and make a comment thanking UArts President, David Yager for standing up for free speech.