Support Efforts to Defend Women and Girls’ Civil Rights in the Courts with Gender Critical Lawyering

The Issue

Kara Dansky, a gender critical feminist attorney, has launched an effort to compel state and federal courts to consider arguments that question “gender identity” ideology in cases brought before them.

Most people are confused about why “gender identity” ideology is harmful. They think it’s just about “letting people be their authentic selves” or using a particular bathroom. But it’s about much more than that. It’s dangerous, and it’s a threat to women and children and to free speech for everyone.

But the average person facing a human and/or civil rights violation on the basis of “gender identity” enforcement does not have sufficient finances to cover legal fees. And here is where Ms. Dansky’s advocacy effort comes in: Watch her Patreon video and learn how to support this effort (all donations will be anonymous – your name will not appear on her page).

What You Can Do

Go to Ms. Dansky’s Patreon account. Watch her video and check out the links. Pledge to support this project to defend the rights of women and girls in the courts. Share the page with people you think might be supportive or might simply want to learn more about why “gender identity” ideology is not what most people think it is.

Thank you. Also in the name of those who will receive the advocacy they deserve.