Support the Central Delaware NAACP in Opposing Self-Identified Sex and Race in Schools

The Issue

La Mar T. Gunn of the Central Delaware NAACP has issued a statement in opposition to a proposed state regulation regarding “gender identity,” stating, “The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in the country. The proposed regulation in no way, shape or form should be compared to the 400-plus year fight for equal rights.” The regulation would allow students as young as five to choose their own race and “gender” without parental consent. This regulation would essentially allow students to “self-identify,” without parental notification or consent, what race and sex they are.

What You Can Do

Email other chapters of the NAACP and encourage them to support Mr. Gunn in his opposition (script and contact information below).


Dear state NAACP chapters across the United States,

I read with interest Mr. Lamar T. Gunn’s statement in opposition to proposed regulation 225, which would allow students as young as five to “self-identify” their race and “gender” without parental notification or consent. I stand with him in this fight and encourage other NAACP branches to do the same.

As you probably know, the “gender identity” movement is largely funded by corporate stakeholders (predominantly rich white men) who benefit financially from the insistence that “gender identity” is innate and that it is possible to physically change one’s sex, which is not true. In addition, as Mr. Gunn suggests in his statement, “gender identity” ideology coopts the language and legitimacy of the 400-year-old struggle for civil rights for African Americans, which cooptation is  racist.

What the fight against “gender identity” ideology has in common with the African-American battle for equality is that both aim to protect civil rights. Let me explain: “gender identity” ideology is not grounded in material reality. Instead, it denies biological reality and when this denial is legislated into law, it violates the civil rights of women and girls. But not only does it eradicate women as a protected category, it now aims to eradicate race as a protected category. The “gender identity” movement is the only “rights” movement that actually violates the civil rights of others. It is regressive to the very foundation of legitimate civil rights movements.

In addition, “gender identity” ideology is profoundly anti-science, sexist, and politically regressive and as such is a threat to the stability of society at large.

What are the ultimate political and legal implications of allowing people to “self-identify” as a member of a protected category? People are rightly protected by our nation’s civil rights laws on the basis of race, sex, and a number of other categories. But should people who “identify as disabled” be able to claim legal protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Should people who “identify as children” be able to claim protections under child labor laws? Should people who “identify as nonhuman” be able to claim protections under the Endangered Species Act?

The bottom line is that this movement harms children, benefits a small minority of corporate white elites, and, as he points out in his statement, “in no way, shape or form should be compared to the 400-plus year fight for equal rights.” I urge you to support Mr. Gunn.



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