Talking Points

  1. “Gender identity” ideology is not grounded in material reality. It is a belief system adopted by some, similar to a religion, but need not be accepted as fact. Insisting that “gender identity” is innate and demanding that people use particular pronouns based on “gender identity” constitutes thought-policing.
  2. Human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals. This statement is neither conservative nor bigoted. It is simply an assertion that is grounded in material reality.
  3. “Gender identity” ideology reinforces the belief that human beings have certain innate traits or characteristics based on sex. This view is profoundly anti-science, sexist, and politically regressive.
  4. “Gender identity” ideology denies that human bodies are sexed. As such, it rejects the notion that human beings can be attracted to people of a single sex, or of both sexes. This view is extremely homophobic.
  5. It is not possible for a human being to change, or “identify out of,” his or her sex. A male person cannot become female. Male people who wish to enter the intimate spaces that are reserved for female people are invading women’s spaces, which is sexist.
  6. Women fought hard for the right to participate in sports, and to have their own sports teams. Male people who wish to compete against females on the basis of “gender identity” are invading women’s sports, which is unfair to women and girls. In addition, women are being fired from jobs, banned from political parties, and black-listed, simply for questioning the notion that males can be female.
  7. Female fetuses around the world are routinely aborted because they are female, not because of their “gender identity.” Insisting that “gender identity” is innate is a complete denial of the discrimination and torture that females face on a regular basis, globally.
  8. Today, children are being taught that they can change their sex, or that they can have a “gender identity.” They are frequently encouraged to take life-changing hormones (many of which cause permanent sterility and disease) and get surgery to change their reproductive organs. This constitutes child abuse.
  9. The “gender identity” movement is largely funded by corporate white elites (pharmaceutical, medical, bio-tech, etc.) who benefit financially from the insistence that “gender identity” is innate and that it is possible to physically change one’s sex, which is not true. In addition, “gender identity” ideology coopts and undermines the legitimate language of the 400-year-old struggle for civil rights for African Americans, which is simply racist.
  10. “Gender identity” ideology coopts and undermines the legitimate language of intersex people, who are fighting for their rights to safety and privacy, do not consider themselves “transgender,” and do not wish to be associated with “gender identity” ideology.