ACTION: Tell the media breast binding, body dysphoria and bilateral mastectomies are not experiences that should be normalized or glorified

The Issue

The falsehoods of ‘gender identity’ and ‘transitioning’ (to the opposite sex) are on the fast track toward normalization in western cultures. The cutting off, binding or ‘ironing’ of women’s healthy breast tissue is being commercially glorified as liberating and courageous as it relates to ‘transitioning’. Unnecessary surgeries and alteration of women’s bodies are not new, but the normalization and glorification of young women removing, binding or ‘ironing’ healthy breast tissue is. Binding and ironing are painful, physically dangerous and harmful. Democracy Now!, along with other bastions of media on the political left, refuse to examine this new cultural phenomenon or explore why there is a rise in young women taking these extreme measures to eradicate their breasts.

What You Can Do

Email Democracy Now! and other media outlets to let them know your concerns and insist they report on the unethical presentation of cutting off breasts or the dangerous practice of binding or ‘ironing’ breasts as an empowering choice for females. (Contact information below)

Email Script

Dear Democracy Now! and Media Reporters,

I urge you to report the media and corporations’ unethical promotion and glorification of young women cutting off their breasts or engaging in the physically harmful practice of binding or ‘ironing’ breasts, as if this is an empowering choice for females. And to investigate why there is a drastic rise in young women taking these extreme measures to eradicate their breasts.

An example of glorification: in an undergarment ad the company TomboyX depicts a young woman proudly and defiantly displaying her bilateral mastectomy scars. The caption reads: “This canvas was given to you, but you made it your own. You crafted your own story. Share it with the world.” (Note: cutting off healthy breasts is quantitatively different than removing unhealthy tissue due to breast cancer.)

In 2016 Cosmopolitan Magazine in the UK published an article teaching young women how to “safely” bind their breasts. There is no way to ‘safely’ bind breasts. Binding and/or ‘ironing’ breasts is a painful, physically harmful and dangerous practice. The dangers of breast binding include compressed or broken ribs, punctured or collapsed lungs, back pain, compression of the spine, damaged breast tissue, damaged blood vessels, blood clots, inflamed ribs, and even heart attacks.

Unreported by the liberal media is that some women in Africa are ironing the breasts of their young daughters to ward off sexual attention from men and this painful practice of smashing healthy breast tissue with hot stones or metal in a vain attempt to stop their development is now spreading to areas of the UK. The voices of detransitioning young women express the same motivation in getting mastectomies which they now regret—to ward off the constant sexualizing of their bodies within the culture-at-large. Yet liberal media is silent on this.

Statistics show an alarming rise in the teen female demographic when looking at transgender statistics. Many parents who are facing rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) in their teen daughters testify to the alarmingly drastic upswing of teen girls ‘transitioning’.

Instead of examining this rise and why it is happening, both the media and corporations are unethically capitalizing on it and encouraging it.

The #metoo movement, which is a testament to the pressure and sexual harassment young women are facing today, is covered by the liberal media, so why is this self-harming response to sexual harassment by young, vulnerable women not covered? And why is the media and corporations’ predatory promotion of this self-harm not reported?

I urge you, as watch-guards of the public good, to lead the way to cover this alarming and damaging trend.



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