ACTION: Thank Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for speaking out about flaws in the proposed U.S. Equality Act.

The Issue

US Congressional Democrats have reintroduced a bill known as the Equality Act. The language of the bill includes the term “gender identity” as a definition of “sex.” This erases legal protection for sex-segregated spaces, ignoring the safety and privacy of women and girls who rely on female-only spaces.

What You Can Do

Thank Senator Manchin for having the courage to speak up about the flaws in the wording of the Equality Act as written, despite immense pressure for all Democrats to unquestionably support it.

Twitter Script

Thank you for standing against the Equality Act as written. When “gender identity” replaces “sex” in the law, female-only spaces disappear.
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Contact Page

“Thank You” script for email

Dear Senator Joe Manchin,

Thank you for taking a stand against the Equality Act as it is currently written. Millions of Americans from across the political spectrum are concerned about the inclusion of the term “gender identity” to change how the word “sex” must be defined.

According to the proposed Equality Act, “The term ‘gender identity’ means the gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.” This is a circular (non)definition which is actually a definition of “sex stereotypes.” In other words, sexual stereotypes are being used to replace the legal category of “sex”.

Why does this matter? When “sex” is conflated as “gender identity” (sex stereotypes), female-only spaces disappear. Women’s civil rights are violated:

The protections of Title IX disappear and girls and women are forced to compete against males.
Scholarships designated for women become available to men.

Physically and sexually abused women are forced to share sleeping space in domestic violence shelters with men.

Girls in gym classes and public pool or spa facilities are forced to see male genitalia while they shower…and much more.

The Equality Act is being promoted by most Democratic lawmakers under the guise of safety and fairness for marginalized Americans. As pressure comes to encode “gender identity” into law as a substitute for “sex,” please continue to hold firm on ensuring that female-only spaces are not erased from legal protection.



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